Current Positions:

Group Home Counselor / Child Care Worker

Job Description:

To provide quality care for all clients including direct supervision and assistance in helping them work through treatment issues while observing behaviors.  Oversee daily schedules for clients including final preparation and serving of meals and snacks, supervise daily activities as well as observing behaviors and administering consequences and enforce good or appropriate behavior by rewarding or recognizing them consistently to provide guidance and direction.  Transport clients as required to all appointments and activities, accurately track client progress; monitor clients during sleep time and help to maintain the daily housekeeping duties.

Required Qualifications:

All Counselors / Child Care staff at a minimum must meet one of the following qualifications:

*  Must have successfully completed 15 college units in behavior science; with 9 of the units being in child development.  The courses may include, but are not limited to curriculums in Psychology, Social Work, Child Development, Social Welfare, Sociology, and Criminology.

*  One year of paid full-time experience, or its equivalent, working with the client group to be served.

In addition to meeting one of the required qualifications you must be understanding of the special needs of neglected, physically, emotionally, and sexually abused clients.

To Apply for Employment:

Please fax your resume to 559-298-5134 or contact Jennifer Fish at 559-790-2271 or via email at