2nd Home’s purpose is to provide therapeutic services in a residential treatment setting for children who require structure, behavioral support, and increased supervision.  2nd Home provides individual therapy and group sessions weekly by a qualified therapist who is also responsible for developing a treatment plan that includes goals and objectives to specifically address the minor’s clinical issues and improve their coping skills, interpersonal relationships, and social functioning.  Our immediate objective within our program milieu is intended to stabilize the minor while modifying negative coping strategies that prevent them from living functional and healthier lives.  Our ultimate goal is to help our clients develop essential skills to be able to function in a lower level placement and/or a less restrictive environment, such as a foster home or possibly reunification with their family of origin.

All of our clients are supervised by qualified childcare workers who are trained to provide support, crisis counseling, and behavioral intervention on-site.  Our program milieu incorporates a level and token economy system designed to provide external structure and cognitive-behavioral change for the minors living in the home.  Positive reinforcement, logical consequences, role-play, social modeling, and direct feedback are all components that are integrated into the milieu.  All the children admitted into our program attend public schools and are provided with the opportunity to experience living in a natural environment within an established neighborhood and community.